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boho pants

boho pants

Earlier today I shared a post welcoming to the My Boho Secret family. Tonight I would like to explain why I shop at Amazon and why online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Although I completely understand the importance of supporting local business many things have changed over the last few years making online shopping a better choice for many people. Here are 10 reasons why I love Amazon:

    1. Fast, free shipping – Even without Prime, orders over $25 ship free.
    2. Broad selection – More than 12 million products, books, media, wine and services.
    3. Ease of shopping – It can’t get any easier than sitting on your couch browsing.
    4. Prime membership – Free delivery, exclusive deals, free TV and music, free gaming, photo storage, Rx savings, free books and magazines. Prime membership is reduced 50% if you’re a senior citizen receiving certain government benefits.
    5. Best pricing – I once ordered a product for my dogs that cost less than half of what my local pet store charged. Times this by many, many purchases made weekly.
    6. Easy returns – Amazon takes everything back, or they will refund your money and tell you to just keep it.
    7. Easy navigation and digital shopping experience – Both the desktop and mobile versions are easy to navigate.
    8. Product reviews and recommendations – I’ve become accustomed to checking Amazon reviews before buying just about anything both online and offline.
    9. Pro-customer service – Amazon is all about customer service. In every situation I’ve ever encountered the customer is always right. They go out of their way to assure customer satisfaction.
    10. Unique items – Amazon has some really cool stuff.

I do my best to support local business whenever I can but more and more I find myself online searching for the unusual, the unique and the best deal. For all the reasons mentioned online shopping will continue to grow and become even more popular in years to come. Local stores need to find a way to compete. There are lots of creative solutions available to help local businesses thrive despite the continued growth of online shopping. It’s time for local stores to put their thinking caps on and get to work.

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