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5 ways to say yes to yourself

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1. Recognize your strengths

With all the things you could be doing in your life do the things that feed your strengths. Avoid spreading yourself too thin and the resulting burnout that comes with it.

2. Know that you are capable of greatness

Adjust your thoughts and focus on what you want and where you’re going instead of what you don’t have and whatever hardships you may be currently experiencing.

3. Self-care isn’t selfish

Say no to the things that drain your energy and fail to excite you. It’s important to remember that your health and wellbeing are your number one priority. Learn to say no to others who are demanding too much of your valuable time.

4. Invest in yourself

There are so many options to help you accomplish your goals and dreams. Do the things that keep you learning, evolving, and curious. We awaken our truest selves and become more of who we are meant to be when we put ourselves first

5. Set goals and keep them

Each win, big or small, helps us build momentum and confidence. Start by setting a goal for today that’s within reach. Achieve the goal and repeat the process. Next choose a goal that seems a little further out. Follow the pattern and watch what happens.

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  1. Jean Callaway

    July 20, 2022 at 11:22 pm

    Oh Laura Grace! You always have such great advice. And yes, today on my day off I’ve been lazy, rather I treated myself to some much needed rest and relaxation. Went to the beauty salon for my monthly haircut and took my twin grandsons to lunch at a fine Mexican restaurant. Came home and laid around all day.

    1. My Boho Secret

      July 23, 2022 at 10:10 pm

      Hi Jean, I wouldn’t call it being lazy. Nothing beats a bit of self-care every now and then!

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