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A day of good news: A day of possibilities

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On May 15, 2022, I migrated to my go-to hosting company. The hosting company did all the work and the migration was easy and seamless. I was anxious to start posting and immediately started creating content. It takes awhile for the Internet to propagate a new website so I waited several days for the Internet to catch up to my newborn adventure. When the propagation was complete My Boho Secret went live.

Since I have another active website with the same hosting company I ‘assumed’ the hosting company would double its fees to bring My Boho Secret to the world. The plan was to keep both websites active and current through the end of the year and based on the results of marketing and sales keep one up and take the other down. There were several reasons for choosing this plan. First, paying two separate fees for two different websites when I really only want one doesn’t make sense. Second, I ‘assumed’ Amazon and Etsy and the other companies I represent would be unhappy with 2 websites on different topics under the same corporate umbrella account. Third, setting up a new business bank account for MBS (My Boho Secret) might be difficult since the corporate name of my company is Walking Doggies LLC. And fourth is the issue that what you focus on you create. The idea of splitting my time and energy in two directions is the furthest thing from peace and serenity. Creating is difficult. Ideas and solutions may unconsciously flow through to you, but if you’re scrambled in different directions those ideas and solutions may become scrambled as well.

So that was the plan when I took that first small step, and since the idea of changing direction from selling dog supplies to promoting a Boho lifestyle had somehow channeled its way into my consciousness on the one year anniversary of losing Murphy I trusted that the Universe was leading me down the right path.

This post is titled A Day Of Good News: A Day Of Possibilities because my ‘assumes’ didn’t end up happening. Instead, here’s what happened. My hosting company informed me that there are no additional charges for hosting My Boho Secret and, in fact, my current hosting plan allows me up to 5 separate domains, including email at no additional cost. First assumption struck down! Amazon and Etsy, the 2 companies I do most business with, said I can simply add the MBS website to my current account and continue doing business as before using both websites. Nothing else needs to be done. Second and third assumptions struck down!

The issue of splitting my time and energy in different directions will take care of itself and is not something I need to be concerned with. In the past I would analyze and research and make charts and on and on. Now I know that if I just have faith the answer will make itself clear when the time is right.

So yes, A Day of Possibilities is quite fitting. I don’t know how this adventure will end, but I do know one thing for sure:

—Anything is possible—

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  1. Jean Callaway

    May 23, 2022 at 5:12 am

    You are definitely following the lessons taught in the book, THE SECRET. The laws of attraction.

    1. My Boho Secret

      May 28, 2022 at 1:22 am

      Yes, The Laws of Attraction work for all of us. Thoughts have power. That’s something I wasn’t aware of until I started reading the book.

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