span of life quote

As I became older I began to question the ‘whys’ of it all. Why am I here? Why aren’t I happy? Why do I feel invisible? Why am I depressed?

The whys all pointed to the ultimate question: Is this all there is?

I’ve always lived an unconventional life, going against the grain and creating paths that didn’t exist. I tried to fit into everyone’s expectations of what I should be but I never really made it so I began searching for an answer to the age-old questions:

  • What gives my life meaning?
  • What brings me joy?
  • How is life calling me?
  • What problems do I want to solve?
  • What is memorable about me?

If I’m questioning the meaning of life as it relates to me, certainly others must be too. And if my search for answers began as I became a golden-ager there must be other golden-agers looking for the same answers.

I started to document my thoughts, my thoughts became paragraphs, the paragraphs became blog posts, the blog posts became a website and My Boho Secret was born.

My hope is that this blog inspires other golden-agers who may be confused or disappointed by life and who are looking for a new direction, a fresh perspective, and an answer to their own age-old questions.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you find it helpful in your quest to find yourself.