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Breakfast with Barnaby


Barnaby and I went for a walk in the park this morning. The sun was warm and inviting and we walked slowly enjoying the sunshine radiating through the trees. We stopped several times to socialize with other dog owners and their pups and eventually made our way to the outdoor café that makes the best French vanilla iced coffee in the neighborhood.

Summer in the city certainly has its benefits. I love the longer days and being able to shed layers of winter gear. The air outside my house is filled with the smell of honeysuckle and sometimes as I’m walking I stop for a moment, close my eyes, and just breathe deeply.

It’s hard not to appreciate the magic of nature when renewal is all around me. The trees become lush and full and the flowers pop with color. People in the street seem happier and more talkative and my spirit renews as I experience the moment.

I’m much happier when I focus on the moment.

Making the moment the most important part of my day has changed me in ways I never thought possible. I strive to avoid conflict, or anything that will negatively influence my sense of peace. I walk away from situations I used to confront. I appreciate people for who they are and not for who I want them to be. And possibly the most important change is that I’ve let go of all expectations from the people in my life.

I need no one but myself to feel worthy and loved.

Self-love rocks. It removes the roadblocks that needing others, and needing to belong to something or someone, places on one’s sense of worth. Self-love fills me with everything and everyone I need and I go through the day feeling centered and special. Of course I understand there’s nothing really special about me because we’re all unique and we’re all special in our own way. But the idea is to feel special and to realize that you are all you need.

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