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Characteristics of the boho lifestyle

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The modern bohemian lifestyle contradicts everything we loathe but have learned to accept over the years — war, deadlines, politics, stress. For many of us our lives follow the same pattern every day. We wake up to an alarm clock, go to work during set hours, have dinner about the same time each night, go to bed on cue, and do the same thing every day over and over and over again. The occasional movie or night out with friends doesn’t help much.

This is no way to experience the wonders of life

In comparison, the boho lifestyle includes aspects of spirituality, ideology, and theology. Bohemianism is used to describe those who live unconventional, artistic lives filled with music, art, literature, and a love for nature. It’s a lifestyle that embraces freedom over possessions. The term bohemian can also be used to describe things that are unconventional, unique, and even odd.

Characteristics of the boho life

Most bohemians avoid signature bags and the latest high-tech phones and we also avoid the norm when it comes to fashion. Instead we value environmentalism and we are anti-establishment. Bohemianism is the polar opposite of routine. Bohemians live a nomadic life filled with art, surprises, and adventure. We disdain routine and pay little if any attention to what others might say about the path we’ve chosen.

A healthy diet, a stress-free life


Many bohemians stick to a vegan diet and keep an eye on their weight. The two most common reasons bohemians go vegan are the protection of the environment and increased health and energy. Considering the fact that we have a deep appreciation for nature, it’s not surprising that many of us abstain from eating animals. Although we often oppose restrictions most of us draw the line when something — such as consuming meat — harms the earth and the earth’s creatures. Eating vegan also helps us have more energy to express ourselves and explore the world.

The art of artistry

Bohemians love to read, create paintings, write novels and poems, produce music. Singing, dancing, and blogging are also common creative hobbies in the bohemian world. We may not be at the top of the financial ladder but we are certainly rich in knowledge and experience.

Bohemian fashion

Boho’s gravitate towards bold colors with elements of gypsy and hippie blended in. Women wear colorful, floral dresses and maxi skirts that are simple yet unique, and you’ll find men in t-shirts, hoodies, and ripped jeans. Boho fashion offers lots of layering opportunities and ties in perfectly to an unconventional lifestyle.

Putting it all together

Bohemians aren’t concerned with wealth, social norms, routines, or the judgement of others. We live the way we want to live. Bohemianism reminds us of what we had in childhood and lost as we grew up. It’s a way of reminding us not to sacrifice our curiosity and to occasionally stop, open our minds and our hearts, and appreciate the beauty of the Universe.

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  1. Jean Callaway

    July 16, 2022 at 10:44 am

    I enjoy the freedom of doing the things I enjoy, but sometimes jobs get in the way of that freedom. However, I do take advantage of the boho lifestyle when I’m on my own time as in reading, writing a song, or creating music. I make sure my life includes doing the things I enjoy.

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