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How do you know if something is right, whether it’s a purchase you’re thinking of making or a decision about an important issue? How do you know that what you decide in the end is the right course of action? I ask these questions because I’ve second-guessed myself for years. When I should have just let it flow I stuck myself in the web of ‘what will everyone else think?’

Doing what comes naturally was never easy for most of us as children and young adults. That wasn’t the way important decisions were made in those days. And so we doubted ourselves and took comfort in the fact that if others agreed then it must be right, and vice versa.

Until it wasn’t — until it no longer mattered what others thought.

To get to that point you had to first realize that you had the genie in the bottle all the time and just didn’t recognize it. There it was, right in your hands and all you had to do to unleash the genie was to open your mind to what you wanted and to focus your thoughts on where you were going instead of where you had been.

When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn my mother owned a candy store. I would walk into the store after school, grab a little white bag, and ask for some of this and some of that and fill my little white bag to the top with delicious chocolate sweetness. Asking for candy was simple because it was right there in front of me and I could easily see it.

As adults it’s not so easy to see what we really want because there are so many issues clouding our vision; Can I afford it, do I really need it, what will my family, my friends, my neighbors think? Afraid to disappoint everyone but ourselves we procrastinate until what we want becomes a distant dream that we can no longer see. “Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be” we sadly tell ourselves.

As a golden-ager about to turn 75 I can tell you from experience that it’s not too late to embrace that part of you that knows what you want and to go after it. It is the most incredible, freeing, life-affirming experience to put yourself first. It takes honesty, it takes courage, it takes loving yourself enough to open your mind to your personal connection with the Universe.

I live by THE SECRET.

The Secret Book

This book has changed my life. It’s given me direction and a plan to control my present and future. It wipes away the noise in my head and fills my mind with positive energy, potential and gratitude. It’s not a religious book – not by any means. It teaches me how to use my thoughts to attract what I want out of life, instead of attracting what I don’t want. It teaches me the value of gratitude.

Doing what comes naturally is easy if you’re a willing student and have the right teacher. I highly recommend anyone who’s struggling with right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative to buy this book and share your experiences with me and with your friends and family.

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