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Don’t leave home without them

dog in nature

Over the past decade I often traveled with my dogs and they were wonderful experiences for all concerned. The dogs seemed to really enjoy the different sights and sounds and the increased amount of time we spent together. In some ways I found that traveling with my dogs was easier than traveling with friends because the trips with my dogs were more relaxing and slower paced — perfect for a boho gal.

As with any trip, the importance of planning ahead can’t be overstated. I found that many typical tourist hotspots were off limits to the dogs and I had to dig a little deeper to find dog-friendly options we could experience together. These are options I probably wouldn’t have explored if I was traveling without the dogs and it opened up a whole new adventure.

Traveling with my dogs exposed them to different sights, sounds, and people than they were use to and the increased socialization helped them feel more comfortable in a variety of circumstances. This was especially beneficial when they were young.

Hotels, motels, inns, lodges, farmhouses?

Where to stay was always my first consideration and this research took the most amount of time. I wanted the dogs to be welcomed and comfortable and I wanted to be near nature and the locations that were important to me.

I wanted to be surrounded by trees and grass and open air.

I was recently approached by a wonderful service that makes finding pet-friendly accommodations much easier than when I was traveling and I want to share this resource with you. Hotellook collects prices from the largest hotel reservation agencies, official websites of popular hotels, and travel destinations worldwide and lets you select the best offer. You can choose from 358,000 hotels, 602,000 guesthouses, 3,972,000 apartments, 110,000 hostels and more.

Fill in the location, dates, number of guests, hit SEARCH and when the page loads if you’re traveling with your dog look for FACILITIES on the left sidebar and scroll down until you see the Pets allowed option. You might have to click the ‘more’ link to see that option. Check that box and the page will automatically reload showing only pet-friendly locations.

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Whether you’re traveling with or without your dog this summer find the trees, breathe the air, smell the flowers, and appreciate the beauty all around you.

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  1. Jean Callaway

    June 22, 2022 at 12:01 am

    Thanks for sharing with us the info about dog friendly lodging. I have a funny story I must share.
    My husband and I had a band and traveled around playing music. We always brought our little West Highland terrier mix, Snoopy with us. We’d smuggle her into our hotel room since we didn’t know for sure which places were dog friendly. We had her trained not to bark loudly if she heard a noise. If she decided to bark, we’d tell her to whisper. She’d proceed to bark in a whispering voice. Sometimes we’d have to remind her to whisper. While we were out playing our gig, She’d sleep in our suitcase on top of our clothes because our smell was familiar.

    1. My Boho Secret

      June 22, 2022 at 11:01 pm

      You taught her to whisper, that is the sweetest story!

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