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Independence and growth

child smelling flowers

Monday was a day of independence in more than the usual way. My theme developer added some increased functionality to the My Boho Secret website that allows different images to be seen when you click on the main featured image for each blog post.

So now when you click on an image on any of the posts, instead of seeing that same image on the page that opens, there will be a different image and in some cases text with images further down the page. This eliminates that main image from duplicating when you click on it.

This change is especially helpful on the product pages because it will allow different product images to be displayed.

Also, My Boho Secret is now set up with a marketing company that will be monitoring our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a bunch of other social media networks.

It can take awhile for website changes like these to propagate through the Internet so I’ll start blogging regularly again tomorrow.

Until then, don’t forget to smell the flowers.

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