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Joy is a walk in nature with a dog by your side

woman walking dog

The sweet simplicity of a walk in nature with your dog is so much more than a simple dog walk — it’s a treat for the senses. Not only does your body benefit because walking is great exercise, but  your mind and spirit benefit as well. The energizing effects of physical exercise help to create a positive mood, reduce stress, and increase mental energy.

Bohemians are wanderers and adventurers with a get-back-to-nature vibe. The peacefulness of a walk in nature is a soothing reminder that the world is filled with beauty. Here are some more benefits of walking in nature:

  • Walking through green spaces can create a calm, reflective state that allows creativity to flourish.
  • It’s easier to resolve a problem when you’re away from daily distractions and surrounded by nature’s greenery.
  • Trees give off anti-microbial essential oils (phytoncides) that protect the trees from germs and have a beneficial effect on our nervous systems.
  • Walks in nature are free, and no appointment is needed.

So leash up your dog and head to a peaceful spot surrounded by trees and maybe a river or stream and enjoy the beauty of nature. The world is a magical place and if you step outside the box and breathe deeply you’ll not only deepen the bond you share with your dog but you’ll also deepen the bond you share with the world.

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