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My creativity comes in waves like the ebb and flow of a river. It’s exciting, often unexpected, and navigating it can be a bit of a trick as words and ideas often come tumbling out of me at the most inconvenient moments.

We’re never too old to change who we are and who we want to be. Age has no meaning in our journey of personal growth; the desire for reinvention doesn’t stop with the years.

For me, the secret to happiness is appreciating every moment, because moments become minutes, minutes become hours, and so on and so forth. It’s not that stuff doesn’t get in the way, but I’ve learned to brush distractions away like so much dust.

Running this blog as I navigate through one of the most difficult periods of my life is a joy beyond measure. Sharing my thoughts and feelings with the Universe gives them power and validity and makes them less scary. I have everything I need and more. I am self-contained. It’s a comforting and delicious feeling.

I tend to want to limit my time and resources and to focus my thoughts in one particular direction, rather than attempt to be a jack of all trades, master of none. And so in that regard I had decided to put all my energy into growing My Boho Secret and limit my involvement in Walking Doggies. Despite that decision I couldn’t get myself to make the necessary changes on the WD website to indicate that the site would no longer be active.

the action of delaying or postponing something.

Why was I delaying? Did the reason really matter or was the mere fact that I was delaying shutting down Walking Doggies enough of a reason to re-think my decision? And then, like divine intervention, a dear friend told me not to shut it down. She said I created them both and they both deserve my time and attention. It’s not that I couldn’t have come up with that decision on my own, but the fact is, I hadn’t. Divine intervention — the Universe — stepped in.

Some things defy explanation. As soon as my friend expressed her thoughts my energy for Walking Doggies exploded and filled me with an excitement for the site I hadn’t had in years. Ideas for a revision came flooding out of me and almost overnight the site had a new look and new direction.

There’s much more work to do but both sites are well on their way to fulfilling my destiny. Please check out the newly revised Walking Doggies website and share your thoughts below. We appreciate your time and feedback.
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