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Surprises and living my dream

I may have a surprise to share later today. Something I wasn’t planning on may be about to happen. I believe we get what we need when we need it, that is, if we’re open to receiving it.

Moving from winter to summer brings changes we can visibly see, but during this past year I’ve become aware that it also brings internal changes that may not be as obvious but are equally significant. We may feel depressed in the fall and winter months, or for some the summer months may trigger a similar reaction.

As for me I have mixed feelings about the change of seasons. During the winter months I love watching the flames in my fireplace dance and spit their warm, comforting glow. I love the feeling of being tucked away in my toasty down coat that reaches almost to my ankles.

On the other hand, as the weather warms the extended hours of sun and light fill me with joy, and running out of the house without my winter ‘uniform’ is so much easier. I want to be out more, I want to feel the sun on my face as I run errands and walk the dogs. I want to connect with friends and neighbors and sit outside lunching and brunching.

As mentioned in previous posts this past year has been difficult and I’m still dealing with the trauma and pain and uncertainty. I find myself reaching out to embrace anything that feels good — momentary pleasures. When all is said and done, all we really have are momentary pleasures.

blue flower

Catching a glimpse of nature is a momentary pleasure, sipping French vanilla iced coffee at my favorite outdoor café is a momentary pleasure.

If I add up all the momentary pleasures of my day I realize I’m living my dream.

As far as what may or may not happen later todaythat  may be a momentary pleasure as well, but one that would extend well beyond the moment and well beyond the change of seasons. Only time will tell…

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  1. Jean Callaway

    June 20, 2022 at 1:45 am

    Okay. You’ve left us in suspense now. Can hardly wait to see what happens.

    1. My Boho Secret

      June 20, 2022 at 9:54 pm

      Not much to report yet but stay tuned!

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